C123 - Provider

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Designator: C-123?
Manufacturer: Fairchild
Year: 1949
Role: Transport
Quantity: Unknown
Origin: USA
Recipients: USAF, USCoastGuard

Served in Vietnam. Performed as a transport and defoiliant sprayer (agent orange).

There appears to be several models and upgrades including the addition of engines in the form of jets added to the out ends of the wings.

Photograph Information

Tail Number: WX512

Model: Unknown

Castle Air Museum
Altwater, CA 95301, USA


Recognition Tip: Easy to reconise because of the high tail and cargo look about it. Althought it can be confuse with the Caribou. The Caribou has a much higher tail and it is very obvious when you see them next to each other.

There also appears to be more than one model, more documentation to follow.

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